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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

weekly Spending Recap March 7-March 13, 2011

Yesterday was a busy day for me and as you can tell I am still up. I renewed my licence which cost me $75, I had budgeted for $100, so I have 25 left. I was going to snowflake it into my car fund but something has come up. I was at the accountant today and I should be getting back about $1800, hopefully more. Trust me hopefully more. My phone bill came in today, for $189. I argued this charge down because Rogers has messed up I bought a travelling  package that wasn't added on until March 1, long after I got back and as a result I paid premium. My bill is not down to $155 and this is where my extra $25 will now go... sigh.

March 7 (Monday)
$16.16 Whistle Stop restaurant

March 8 (Tuesday)
No Spend day

March 9 (Wednesday)
No Spend Day

March 10 (Thursday)
No Spend Day

March 11 (Friday)
No Spend Day

March 12 (Saturday)
$24.00 bus tickets

March 13 (Sunday)
$3.38 Shoppers Drug Mart

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