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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pay Day and Other things

Today is pay day... I was so looking forward today. Except everything is messed up again! My work bank charged me over draft interest of $0.11 and I can't get a straight answer out of them for why!! Basically what I am going to have to do to stop the over draft charges is leave at least 2$ in the account. This is completely upsetting and I feel a complete waste of $2.

The night before pay day I had 28.00 left in my account I snow flaked this into my bills account. When I got back from Cuba my Rogers' bill for this month was 180.00+ however they messed up on my account and charged me for the travel pack but didn't actually put it into effect until after I got back. So after 4 calls I got it dropped to just over $155. In an effort not to completely kill my budget for this month I have put the extra money a side to pay for the phone bill.

I have decided to let sleeping giants lie and have not paid any bills or done anything with the money in my account until tomorrow.  So expect an update on funds, debt and bills tomorrow.

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