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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly spend Recap March 21-27, 2011

March 21 (Monday)
 No Spend Day

March 22 (Tuesday)
 $2.50 cookie at Future Bakery 

March 23 (Wednesday)
 No Spend Day

March 24 (Thursday)
 No Spend Day

March 25 (Friday)
 $20.00 Korean BBQ

March 26 (Saturday)
$45.00 taxi ride to work (just found the receipt as it was put on visa :( 
$7.05 Tim's breakfast and lunch 
 $7.55 Go ticket to Whitby
$12.50 TTC tokens

March 27 (Sunday)
 No Spend Day

I ran to the bank on Saturday after work and snowflaked $8.53 and I deposited another $25.00 in to my visa bill. When my tax return comes in I am going to wipe out my visa debt!!! I am so excited about the prospect. when that happens I will redo my budget again so as to reassign the extra $50 I will have. I have the updated amount on my line of credit with out the $400 I put into it Friday night. So according to the bank my line of credit is currently $-31,275.25. I will update the side bar to reflect the number but not the green line. I only my green bars once a month. Only a couple of more days until  then but hopefully my $400 will show on there system by then. 

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