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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Spending Recap Feb 28-March 6, 2011

I signed up for a NetWork IQ account. However I do not think it went though because I didn't get a conformation email form them... sigh what a shame. So I will have to try and sign up again. Another thing that I have discovered recently that my $1,050 bi-weekly pay estimate was a little on the generous side. Turns out I actually make $1027.08. I actually found this out because I was sorting out/organizing/filing my bills/pay stubs/others. I am a little very disappointed. I had no idea. I am feeling so upset with how this month's budgeting adventure is going. I have another surprise for you related to this budget. But I will save it until later this week. Basically I feel like throwing it out the window since there is no way that all my funds are going to get funded the way I want them to be. Oh well, I am sure I will muster through...

Weekly Spending
 February 28 (Monday)
Bank Fees $11.95

March 1 (Tuesday)
No Spend Day

March 2 (Wednesday)
No Spend Day

March 3 (Thursday)
No Spend Day

March 4 (Friday)
Work Caff $ 3.52

March 5 (Saturday)
GO transit $7.55

March 6 (Sunday)
No Spend Day

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