General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals/ New Years Resolutions


1) Pay off $15,000 of Student debt (not including minimum payments)

2) Get a second job (preferably by March)

3) Invest 6% of my income into company stock

4) Create and fund Christmas fund 2011 to the amount of $800  

5) cut cell phone bill in half (preferably by the end of January)

6) Order my credit score


1) Read 50 books I already own

2) Get my Gold Duke of Ed Award

3) Catalogue and count books

4)Finish/ start Europe/UK scrap book

5)Find a way to put $100 into Shirli's visa card 

6) get my knee sorted out


  1. Great goals, not sure I get the one about Shirli,s visa ????

  2. Shirli is a dear friend of mine who is on disability. When I was in school she lived above me and was a great support for me. She has a limited income a and about 5,000 of debt only on her visa card. I always said that if I came into money or if I could i would secretly help pay her visa off. She is the kind of person that would given you the shirt off her back and thus is easily taken advantage of. She has a major soft spot for animals and rescues them. All of her credit card debt is vet bills not one cent has been spend on herself. I want to find out if it is possible to help put money into someone else's account without them knowing. I want to help her, over my life time I will have a greater income creation opportunity than she will ever have. Also I know that one of her goals is to die debt free and because she is very sick, I would like to at least help her along the way, if at all possible. Does that make sense?