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Friday, January 21, 2011

February No spend Month and Good Bye Chapters

Maureen at Towards Retirement with Debt asked me if I would be joining her and midlifemombusings on their no spend February. I have decided that I am not going to for a few reasons. 1) I have my trip coming up and while it will be with in budget hopefully less I still will be spending more than I would in a normal month. 2) I am going to put myself on a no new book buying month. In the past books have been the only thing that I have had no problem spending money on. This is because one of my life goals is to have 25,000 books to my name of which 97% will have been read in full. Its the 'in full' part that I need to work on. Thus the reason one of my 2011 goals is to read 50 books I already own. 

You will notice that I didn't put a ban on second hand book shopping. Let me explain: I have a dear friend I have been trying to get together with for the past 6 months to go second hand books shopping with. We finally thought it would be this Saturday but I cancelled on her, since I am going to help my mom move into her new office. And truthfully I have no money left now any ways. She is the only one that I will be going second hand book shopping with in the near future. I am hoping that we might be able to get together in February but the changes are slim and its looking like March. I don't want to place a second hand book shopping ban on myself if it impedes my ability to get together with my friend. At the same time if we are not able to get together in February well then I will be on a 'unofficial' second hand book buying ban. 

Good bye Chapters!! My membership card comes up for renewal this month and I am not going to renew it! I have decided to just take it out of my wallet all together. I wonder if I will miss it. I guess is easy to say now that I won't but lets be honest I am sure I will. In the coming months if I need to get a book I will get it from an independent  seller or while I am with a friend who has one, so I can use there's. But not in February. 

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  1. I quite understand why you won,t be joining us, you do have a big trip coming up and you dont want to sabotage yourself before you even start. But don,t worry this isnt our first one and it probably wont be the last.

    I love books but I only keep a very few special ones, 25,000 I move to often for that LoL