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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bad Travel Karma

I have mentioned before that my boyfriend paid for a trip to the two of us to do a romantic night away in Niagara. We had a great time, but it seams I am still suffering the after shocks of it with bad travel karma. In Last week's spending recap. I mentioned I had to pay over $20 to dry-clean my work coat because a waitress dropped guacamole all over it. The latest development was a pair of shoes that I left in the hotel room. Normally I NEVER leave the room with out one final check to make sure I have everything. But we  had been rushing and although I did a check it was only a quick one. I left feeling as thought I had forgotten something but didn’t see anything. Well I was right I left my most conferrable pair of black healed shoes. After turning house I turned the house upside down and demanded my boyfriend do the same with his car… the findings was painful- I had left them.

 I called the hotel and they sent me through to house keeping, I left a message. I called back the next day. The manager of house keeping said “no one had turned them in, the hotel didn’t have them.” I know I had left them there so they had to have them. I called back a third time. This time I was told they had showed up and was I able to pick them up. I asked could you ship them. She grudgingly agreed to give them to the UP Store and took my info down. A week went by and I heard nothing she had promised they would be with me by now, so I called again. The House Keeping Manager didn’t understand why I hadn’t got them or why The UPS Store hadn’t been in contact with me. She told me she would call them. I heard nothing. I called back the next day, it turns out the UPS store had the wrong number to get a hold of me and that they had been ‘trying to get a hold of me, with no luck.’ No kidding!! The hotel gave them the wrong contact number! Now they had the right number for me and I waited for them to call. When the UPA Store called they gave me 2 options to get the shoes back to me

 OPTION 1) shipped using UPS $36 OR
                 2) Unknown company (she said the name but I don’t know who they are) $23

I asked her how much it would cost to have them put through the Post, ya know Canada Post. She told me ‘oh no we can’t do that, we are the UPS store.’ As it turns out they have a monopoly on the Niagara hotel's lost and founds. AKA I have to pay one of the prices she offered me.  I picked the cheeper option. I will tell you I don't even think I spend that much money on the shoes when I first bought them. But they are my FAVOURITE SHOES!! The lady then asked if I wanted to by insurance to cover them if they got 'lost.' I decided to take it... but I felt like she was twisting my arm. 

She asked how I would like to pay it and I asked if I could pay it when it arrived she laughed.  So I asked Mom if i could pay her in cash and she put it on her credit card. She agreed but it the credit card she gave me had expired. So I ended up putting it on my credit card. ARGGG!!! I am so unhappy about this.  But as soon as it goes on my credit card I am trans the exact account from my spending money for this week to pay it off. 

This whole experance has made me $50+  lighter and left me with bad travelling Karma!!


  1. I would have asked the restaurant to cover my drycleaning.

    I also would have done the same for my fave shoes!

  2. Had I been the only one I would have asked the restaurant but I was a guest of my BF's best-friend's parents... ya I felt like it would have been out of place. But trust me FB had it been me out with ANYONE ELSE I WOULD HAVE!!! As for the shoes, I didn't know you could request that!!! FB have you ever done that?? Do hotel's do that for you?? Well any ways for the cost of the place I WILL NEVER GO BACK, over priced and poor service.

  3. Looks like they had you over a barrel there, damned if you do pay the money and damned if you don,t to sore feet.
    CC are wonderful things which can help you out of a sticky situation, if used properly.