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Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoes and Visa Card

The other day my shoes arrived. I was very happy. I haven't warn them since I got them back, I think I am just enjoying seeing them in my closet. Its pathetic I know. Today I called visa and asked how much I had paid the UPS store, in total it cost me $29.41. I feel ripped off but there isn't much I can do about it. I transferred money from my allotted spending money for this pay week into my credit card to cover the cost.  This has left me with just over $17 in the bank and with another week to go before pay day. I am a little  lot stressed over this. I have never had this little of an amount and I am worried I will not make it until pay day. I also got my visa statement in the mail. Last year I accumulated $17.10 in cash back rewards. This is enough to pay the interest of $16.10 on this month's statement. This means that all the money I put into it this month will go directly to paying down the balance which is good. I am so excited to my pre-paid card to come in the mail. If it works out as planed I am going to cut up my TD visa card and convert to the pre-paid card. I really hope I can to this.

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  1. Of course you can do this.
    Have you made up your mind yet if you are going to join us all on no spend Feb. ??
    I love reward programs, my bank doesent have any......