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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keeping Bills Vs. Tracking Bills

Today I was clearing out my wallet and my agenda. When I first started keeping my bills for tracking I always put my bills in an envelop in my agenda. I guess i got lazy or something because I had been stuffing the bills into my wallet recently. As it happens I found a bill for Carlton Cards for stuff I bought on the 5th of January. However when I did my weekly spend recap. I forgot all about it. It has now been added. I have learned something from this though. There is a difference between just keeping the bills of things you spend your money on and actually tracking what you spend. Tracking your bills keeps you accountable, only keeping them is an excuse for not keeping yourself accountable.

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  1. How true, I am now adding them to my budget the moment they drop through my letter box.
    No more out of sight out of mind, because thats what got me into this mess