General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bi-Weekly Finances and Funds

Today is pay day! last night I moved the last of last pays money into my line of credit YAH! for snowflakes. A grand amount of $28.64 which brings my jar to $63.53. All in my line of credit *big smile* the faster I can get that principle down the happier I will be.

I mentioned in a earlier post in December that I was increasing my TD line of credit payment to $300 starting in Jan. I had thought it might be a tight budget because I had anticipated having a car by now. But that hasn't happened and its not likely to happen until maybe March or April... sigh. That fund is on hold until my vacation fund catches up because I have a conference in Cuba in Feb. that I am going to and haven't even booked it yet. *EKKK* I want to pay it all in cash, truthfully there isn't any other option any ways, since I have no available credit., which is not a bad thing really.

I have applied for a part time job. Stats Canada is hiring part time staff between early March - end of July. The hourly pay is $14.72-18.04 (for supervisors). I really hope I get the job.  This will be a great way to add extra money to my line of credit. As all the money I get from a second job will be allocated to debt repayment.

With out any further ado:                       net pay:  $1,178.98

TD line of credit: 300.00
Cat fund: 50.00
Vacation fund: 450.00
Xmas fund: 40.00
Storage unit: 100.00
10% fund (general savings): 153.40
Spending money: 85.58

Transactions have been done I will endeavour to update my trackers. I no longer pay my visa bill on the first pay of the month because of what happened last time. So it will get paid next pay along with my cell bill.


  1. Hi there Sarah, looks like you are throwing everything into debt and thats awesome.
    But I was wondering where do you budget food, rent and utilities into this Pay amount, it pretty much looks to me to be all accounted for???

  2. Your right it is. This is because mom agreed to let me move home for a few years to pay down my student debt. Thus I don't have to pay for food or shelter. But mom has asked me to take on the cat food. So I now by cat food for 3 cats instead of 2. And of course I do a lot of stuff around the house. I do All the maintenance and fixing stuff, since I am more handy then she is.