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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TD Line of Credit and shopping bans

Yesterday when I deposited my GST cheque I asked for an updated balance. My current balance is $-32,259.01. Assuming that the interest is roughly the same as last month (126.12) and I put another 300 next pay my balance will be 32,085.02. Only $85.02  away form having it at 32,000.00!! So I am going to up my amount to 400, this way I will definitely be at or under the 32,000.00.  I'm not sure how the numbers will work out but I am sure I can make it happen!! I am so excited about the idea!!!

Recently I have been mussing about getting rid of my Chapter's Member's Card it costs about $20-30 and gets you money off every time you buy books. The catch is you have to buy a lot of books to make it worth the money. In the past I have always just paid the fee. Justifying it with, "I always buy lots of books, its worth it." In the past I have bought a lot of books from there. But one of my goals for 2011 is to read 50 books I already own. So paying the money to buy more books would be kinda counter productive. I told my BF that I was planning to give up buying books and he thought I was joking. It is true I am a book-holic, I admit my weakness. He doesn't think I can do it. And I admit there are 2 books that Chapters has that I want to get.

I wonder if after Feb 1 (since that's when the 2nd book comes out) I should put myself on a book buying ban, like the cloths shopping ban that other bloggers, go on. What do you think...

I have to decide though... if I will only include new books or second handbooks a well. The thing with second hand books is that when you are trying to complete a series that has been out of date for over 20 years you have to grab it when you see it.  Or does that defeat the purpose of ___ buying ban? I am new to this I have never deprived myself of doing something I enjoy for the sake of finances. Actually maybe before I do decide to do a book buying ban I should find out how much I have spend on books in the past.

Any thoughts...

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  1. My Daughter Daughter-in-Law and my Son are all voracious readers, and we have a great public library, so I beg borrow and steal books but very seldom buy them.