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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GST Cheque

I finally got around to depositing my GST cheque in to my TD line of credit today. It wasn't a grand a mount but $62.50 less I have to put into it.  My mom had a new sliding glass door and windows put in this past year but the window people didn't insulate around the door we discovered. So I ripped all the old trim off and found massive gaps between the window and the door frame. The largest being 2 inch. Mom got the spray filler foam.  I have gone through 1 large bottle and a small bottle. The project isn't done as I ran out of foam but you can still feel the difference. I highly recommend anyone with draughty windows check to see if its insulated properly and if not spend the extra money and get this stuff!!


  1. $62.50 is a fairly good amount, so well done, every little helps.

    Dodgy Tradesmen dont you hate them, it,s money for old rope !!!!!!!

  2. Can you not do automatic deposit? I set mine up with the government and if they have to pay me anything they throw it into that account.

    But if they have to take money from me, they won't be able to. They'd have to wait for a cheque from me.

  3. I had thought about automatic deposits. But I like the feeling of walking into a branch and depositing the cheque. It also prevents me from spending the money, when its in that form.

    Dodgy tradesman is right!! The temp in the living/dinning room has gone up 4C and I haven't even finished the job!! What a diff. it will make in the heating bill.