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Saturday, January 8, 2011


You will notice on the right had side I have moved my counter up 3,000 for OSAP pay back. The reason that I did this was that when I got the letter in the mail It gave me an up to date figure of what I still owed. Instead of just added to the counter I ended up putting the new figure in as the original OSAP amount. At first I thought well its no big deal and left it the way it was. But then I thought wait a minute I was diligent enough to make sure I didn't blow my summer OSAP money and send it back to them instead. I think I deserve the satisfaction of knowing its  at least 3,000 less than it originally was.  So there you have it the reason I have moved the counter up 3,000.

I am still not sure about the Rogers bill, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I posted this on your other post but:

    Why don't you stay in your contract until October 2011 and then end the phone, and switch to Koodo so you don't pay them to get out?

    I'm with Koodo and I pay ~$25/month for 100 minutes, voicemail, texting (15 or 25), call display, call waiting.

    For any other calls I use a landline at work, or a calling card for long distance.

  2. Hummm ya that is definitely an option. Its annoying I really wanted to cut my phone bill in 1/2. Though signing a 3 year contract is such a bad idea.

  3. Why not add the $3,000 I would have it,s all money not owed.

    Sorry still can,t help with your phone, but I think FB probably is the best help you can find.

  4. Don't get stuck in another contract. 3 years is a LONG time! I agree with FB, stick it out till October and then move to a cheaper company. If you have the option of pre-pay (or pay-as-you-go; not sure how phone companies work in Canada), this would be ideal as you only pay for what you use and can cancel at any time.