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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ally, Rogers bill, 2011 Goals

Today I called Ally again to make sure that my account has been officially cancelled. As it stands I'm done with them. It has been cancelled for good, good bye!!!!!!

One of my 2011 Goals was to get cut my phone bill in 1/2 preferably by January. Now my monthly bill with taxes in and no long distance charge is $93.85,  that means that my bill has to be dropped to $46.93 a month.  Today I called Rogers and the 'best' package that they could give me was the Student 40+  this is what it includes:

                   ~200 weekday minutes
                   ~100 MB
                   ~My 10  Canada wide
                   TOTAL: $47.94  taxes and fees included

Now this does not include unlimited incoming minutes which is an extra $10.00 a month. If I added this feature my TOTAL would become: $ 59.24 taxes and fees included

However if I did this I would not be under $46.93. The other MAJOR down side is that they want me to resign a 3 year contract. This makes me feel completely uncomfortable. My current contract ends at the latest October 2011 and  I contract free, this is something that I would ideally like. The reality is that I want to be able to look at other options and if I lock myself in for another 3 years as of Jan 2011 I will be stuck until Jan 2014 with Rogers. The other down side is that I want to go away to Japan in a few years for a year or more beings unable to get out of a contract would be very problematic.

If I don't change my plan though I will be pay assuming no long distance charges until October 2011 my overall phone cost will be $938.50 ($93.85 x 10 months).

The other option is to buy myself out of my contract at $20.00 x the number of months left in my contract which would be 10, thus $200. I can't afford to do this until March because I don't have the spare cash. So at that point it would be $160 + (93.85 x 2)=  $347.70.

I just don't know what to pick or what to do. This is why I am posting, I need your help, I need your advice. Any suggestions???? Please....


  1. Why don't you stay in your contract until October 2011 and then end the phone, and switch to Koodo so you don't pay them anything?

    I'm with Koodo and I pay ~$25/month for 100 minutes, voicemail, texting (15 or 25), call display, call waiting.

    For any other calls I use a landline at work, or a calling card for long distance.

  2. Thanks so much for the idea!!! I hadn't thought about koodo

  3. What kind of phone do you have? What does your current plan include? I feel like I need more info to help you out. A couple thoughts though:

    - locking you into a new contract for a new plan is crazy talk - people change their plans all the time and it's okay, as long as you stay with Rogers for the three years you should be fine

    - be careful to read the fine print if you go for a new contract - when I did that, it tacked three more years on the end of my existing contract - it didn't start the new contract right away

  4. Out on the prairies, we're limited in our companies. Sask Tel is the primary. Roger's has made some inroads but costs more than SK tel with limited covered. Glad you have folk like FB who are slightly more worldly than me and can offer you some great advice.

  5. I would be absolutely no help to you on this one as I have never even heard of Rogers.
    But you have definitely come to the right place for some sound advice, good luck.

    Oh by the way, glad to heat you got the Ally problem sorted.