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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bits and Bites of My Life

Hi, Hi…
I know I said I have been busy but I really have been. I am still reading everyone’s blogs. I haven’t been commenting because I do it while at work and I can only creep the blog not post on it. On Thursday I went to see Harry Potter #7 part 2. What a great movie, it was amazing! Best one of the lot! But it’s a 3h movie and so by the time I got home it was 3am. I didn’t end up going to bed until 4. I had to be up on Friday to see a car. A great car at a great price, but when I ran the vin # it had been flagged with “void warrantee.”  Talk about being crushed. I still have to decide if I am willing to take the risk or not.
After that I went to the bank and then to my dad’s to help him learn Skype. When I got home I started out again and did 5.5h of my second job. I didn’t get home until 10pm. At which point I walked the dogs, watered the plants, made dinner/ today’s lunch and had dinner before going to bed at 12am. A 14h day yesterday was. As I type this I am currently at work. 

I got paid on Thursday from Job#1 and I got my first pay form job #2. The budget is a bit messed up this week. I have played around with the numbers so as to boost my car fund. It makes me cry though.  Had I not done that, by the end of this month I would have had my LoC down under $26,000. That’s only $1,000 off from $25,000. I would be over the moon happy to reach $25,000 by September. Sadly I really don’t think that will happen…
You know what’s crazy, on Thursday and Friday I went to Scotia to do banking and both times I have forgot to take the change I have to snowflake into my Christmas Fund. I think I have enough to completely replenish it. On Wednesday night I snowflaked $4.99 into it. I motivated  to get that fund back up to where it was. I also took $10.00 from job#2 pay to pay back the Christmas fund.

Replenish Christmas fund: $10+$10+$4.99= $35.01 outstanding. 

Yesterday my friend Megan paid me back the $40 of which $25 was put back into my Emergency fund and $15 was put into my LoC. Also I deposited my GST/HST cheque into my LoC, total of $91.63. Last but not least I paid off my visa in full 83.71 which includes that gas and the cost of pulling my credit score. I am now credit card debt free again! lol

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  1. That's a whole lot of transactions. I am surprised you can remember them all.

    I wonder how you pull those 14h days. I hate any day when I have to be on the go so much. It seems to be paying off so if it works for you go ahead.

    You are doing great and your LoC will soon be at the $25000 mark. Keep up the good work.