General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-Cap July 25-31

July 25 (Monday)
no Spend day

July 26 (Tuesday)
No Spend day

July 27 (Wednesday)
No Spend day

July 28 (Thursday)
$192.87  Wal-mart Second set of new tires for car 

July 29 (Friday)
$151.36 Mike Pazak for safety inspection and e-test for car

July 30 (Saturday)
$86.35 for plate sticker for car
$11.05 Canadian Tire  glass cleaner to clean windows in car
$51.04 to fill up gas tank
$ 18.06 Cosco 2 boxes of cat litter
$11.95 monthly Bank Service fees

July 31 (Sunday)
$2.25 sponges
$17.61 Gas top-up 

Well I was at first kinda back on track with my spending. But man did I fall of  the band wagon so to speak.  But the good news is I got all my weekly goals done. My car is now legal for the road, my BF has got some stuff moved in and we have one coat painted in his room. I am going to do the second one today. I finally met up with my prof and got my Duke of Ed book signed by him and his letter came in the mail.

 My car fund is no longer at the $1,000 mark and after first and last month's insurance bill it will drop again. But I am ok with that, as long as I still have a few hundred in the account left to start building it back up I'll be happy. Despite how much I have paid out for the car I still got a decent car for under $4800 and its mine 100%. No car payments just gas and insurance, things that I can tweak as I learn more about the cost of a car.

I need a little bit of advice. I made a large payment to my LoC on July 28 but TD has not got it. SO when I called them up to get my updated figures this month they do not include my last payment of the month. Should I update my LoC with out the July 28th payment  and include it on August or should I weight for a couple of days until the payment shows on their system which will be after this long weekend and then include it in my LoC update. In the past that's what I have always done because in my  mind it's part of  say July's budget not August's budget. But what you think???

Snowflaked $10 left over from paying cell phone bill into retirement fund. Jar at 424.69 + 10 = $434.69
Retirement fund owing 363.58-10= 353.58


  1. I always count what ever I send as payments right away. The delay is only a matter of clearing through the bank. It's still paid. :) That's just how I work it out.

  2. Congrats. I'm happy to see the car passed everything.

    I think you should wait till it is updated then update it. It is part of July's after all. The bank is just slow.

  3. I always update my finances on payday after the payments have left my account, but usually before they hit the account or company I'm paying, and just calculate it as though they have. Otherwise my finances look wrong because that money doesn't appear any place while it's being transferred.