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Friday, July 22, 2011

I Own A Money Pit A.K.A. A Car

As it turns out I might have been a bit hasty. Turns out she had her phone stolen, which makes sense since her voice message was changed back to the default message.  She called me late last night but I was sleeping so she left a voice mail. I called her back this morning. I got my insurance sorted out,  went up to see her gave the money to her and together we went to Service Ontario to get the registration of the the car transferred over.  On the right you will notice that I got rid of my Car Fund tracker, and have added what's left of my car fund down at the bottom under Other Funds. So I am now the owner of a 2005 Pontiac Wave, burnt orange in colour.  

Brake down of cost:

Cost to by car: $3,000
Taxes: 286.00
To buy plates: $10.00
To buy temp. plates:$25.00
Map and wipes: $27.61
First tank of gas: $46.27
My monthly Insurance 2X: $428.90 to be taken out August 3 (not paid yet)
Insurance payment: $214.41 to be taken out August 22 ( not paid yet)

current spent to date: $3394.88

Since the car was sold as is. I have to still get it certified but before I can do that the brakes have to be changed and the car has to be e-tested. Now the girl I bought it off says that she had it e-tested but doesn't have the paper work since she submitted it to the MTO, so I have to get that sorted out as well.

My insurance is the bare bones, because there is nothing that's going though it. Unless the car is 110% right off I will not put anything though insurance. Its just not worth it the car is not worth that much.

I now need to figure out how far I can get on one take of gas so I can budget for how much I will be spending on gas. I will also have to budget for insurance coming out of my account. Back to the drawing board with my budget.


  1. Congrats Sarah!!! Very happy it all worked out for you! Sounds like you have been very smart about it all! Great job.

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations! :-) And you have savings left over too. Unless this needs to go on your vehicle in other ways, I would suggest you bump your Emergency Fund up to $1000, and put the rest on your line of credit. Now that you have a car, a healthy EF is important.

    Way to go! :-)

  3. Total congrats and I understand everything you've been going through as i have been going through the exact same thing.

    Surprisingly it is lots of work.

    From looking at what is left of your car fund I was thinking you could use that for insurance and for any other little test or any items you have to buy for the car. Unless you already have plans for it.