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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am Bleeding Money...

Did I mention cars are a money pit. Today I bled more money. I decided that since the car was new to me I wanted to have an oil change done. I also picked up an air freshener, funnels, windshield fluid and plate bolds.  My BF knows how to change the oil so we got the stuff to do it ourselves. The car also had a squeaking noise it was making every time it braked so we thought the brake pads needed to be replaced. The girl I bought it from had just had the  rotors changed but not the brake pads. So she had those in the back of her car, I got them for free. Turns out the brakes don't need to be changed. But the from two tires were so bald, there is no way the car would pass safety and they needed to be rotated. We thought we might be able to get a way with just the rotation for now. We got half way though the tire rotation and the pressure gun stopped working. Since I work tomorrow there is no way I could drive home and then to work with a tire rotation 50% done. So we called Canadian Tire but they were booked. So we called Wal-mart and they were free. Since we were going down there any ways it made sense to get the 2 tires replaced. So I did that as well. We discovered in the process of changing the tires that they were really low on air, I am talking one tire only had 1/3 the amount of air in it that it should have had. So now that the airs have the right amount of air my fuel economy should go up! Yahoo for that!

The good news is, I can change my own oil, the brakes didn't need to be changed, the tires have been rotated and I have 2 new tires. The bad news is I have bled more money today. The other bad news is that because we were out in the sun. I now have the grossest sun burn between where my jeans stopped and my tank top was riding up while getting underneath the car.

Canadian tire $22. 59 (oil)
Wal-mart 38.22 (filter 2x, washer fluid, air fresher)
Canadian tire $8.73 (funnels)
Wal-mart $204.17 ( new tires and rotation)
Shoppers Drug Mart $14.44 (Aloe gel and drinks)

Total spent today: $289.15

Next up is to see the mechanic so it can pass safety inspection, sort out the e-testing stuff and buying a real plate sticker for the year. I also have to pay for my insurance another $600+ in August.

Forget the freedom stuff... given me the bus and my money back. Actually the whole 2.5h on 2 buses and walking just to get home when its 30 min by car, maybe the car is worth it. I just hope it passes inspection, that's my next major thing.


  1. Yep, cars are sure expensive. Just think of future road trips :-)

  2. I too have to buy two new tires to pass inspection as the two front ones were graded at 30% out of 100.

    I know exactly what you are going through as I am sorting out little kinks as well. I just had to purchase transmission fuel to top it up as it was low. I also have to find my own personal mechanic, someone who is professional and I can place trust in to look over the entire car.

    It's nice to know I have someone else in this PF realm going through the same process as me. Hope that doesn't sound weird.

  3. I agree with you 100% Rafiki, it is nice to know that someone else understands.