General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Goals Assessed, July Goals set, Yearly Goals Reviewed

If you didn't pick it up in the title its: Goal review time!!

June Goals:
1)     Pass LLQP re qualifying exam with at least 60% Fail
2)     Get vol. section of Duke of ED filled out and signed Fail
3)     Get Rez Project section of duke of ED signed Fail
4)     Get LoC under $28,000.00 Pass
5)     Get car fund up to $4000.00 Pass

Well there isn't much to confess. Although I seam to have a much better time completing financial goals. I think this is because I budgeted for them. As for my Duke of Ed stuff I need to get my butt in to high gear because it needs to be submitted Sept 1 at the latest. As for my test we continue to work at it. 

July goals:
1)pass pre qualifier for A&S
2) get Rez project for Duke of Ed filled out 
          -write letter for prof to rejig 
          -mail book to prof to fill out
3)Get vol section for Duke of Ed signed
          -fill out vol section
          -hand to TM to fill out
4)buy car
         -find car
         -buy car
         -sort out insurance
4)Order credit score 
5) get ride of out standing credit card debt ($65)

So there you have it, my July goals!

As for my 2011Goals, I am on track with some but not will all of them.

My progress with my financial:

1) I am currently at $5,200.30, not as far along as I would like but not bad.
2) I have now got a second job. I haven't been paid yet, so its not crossed off until the cheque is in the mail, so to speak.
3) 6% of my income works out to be $2,142, I currently have have $1002.30 invested.
4)My Christmas fund goal of 800 is currently at $520.13 and I no longer owe this fund money
5)cell phone bill cutting is on hold until Sept when my current contract runs out and I look into switching prover and phones
6) on the list for this month #4

The personal goals are going a lot slower than I would like.

1) reading books are on hold until this test stuff is out of the way
2) need to pick up the pace on my Duke of Ed's
3) this is the most interesting one of them all, In the process of cleaning out the garage I 'found' 5 more boxes of books... So I now have to go through them and make room for the books... that's still to be done
4) haven't started yet hopefully in Oct   
5) haven't done this yet
6) have made 1/2 ass attempt still more to do
7) On going project

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  1. Seems you have a plan to get everything under control so you just have to stick to it.

    You are nailing the financial goals completely so you still have a lot to be proud of. Once your finances are in order you can pretty much handle anything else.

    Good luck for July.