General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-Cap July 11-17

July 11(Monday)
No Spend Day 
July 12 (Tuesday)
$25 TransUnion (credit score) 

July 13 (Wednesday)
No Spend Day 

July 14 (Thursday)
$48.58 Cat food (one bag, 3 cats)
$25 to mom for HP part 2 tickets

July 15 (Friday)
No Spend Day 

July 16 (Friday)
No Spend Day 

July 17(Saturday)
No Spend Day

 July 18 (Sunday)
No Spend Day

Finally back to what my spending weeks should look like. You have no idea how happy that makes me. 

On a different note I have been thinking about this car that I saw on Friday. I know it has a warranty void on it but I can’t imagine what good the manufacturer’s warranty would be to me for on a 6 year old car. And if I did get it I would still have over 1,000 left in my car fund. I still have to talk to my insurance though to see if they will cover it and what that would mean to my insurance . But I think I want the car… the problem is do I want the car because its cheep and the only car I have really seen in my budget or because I trust the person enough and my own inspection on the car that I don’t believe it was in any major accidents that caused the void in warranty. I know what I said about Pontiac wave’s  in my previous post. And I stand by it. But I don’t need the car to last me 10 years, only 4 if that. I need it more now than I hope to need it in 3 year… I want to be out of the country by then. You see I am in two minds about it. Of course no one has been around to talk to about this. So I have been musing over it which is never a good thing. Because I can talk myself in to just about anything. So am I pep talking myself in to settling for this car??? I don’t know…. What I do know is I have hit the car savings wall. I want to get the car and move on with other things in my life, like my LoC.


  1. Is this a private sale? Will the person let you test drive and visit a mechanic you trust for an opinion? Warranty doesn't typically affect insurance at all. Do you have an insurance company already? If not you can use and search for how much and who will cover you for the best price. Great website. My brother is a mechanic in markham but that might be far for you to go. Is the warranty just run out or did they do something that made it void? Sorry for lots of questions they were just things that came to my mind as I read your post.

  2. I'm just like you in that way. If I have to much time to study stuff I can actually talk myself into what I want.

    In relations to the car. I think you are talking yourself into it. I don't know much about the pontiac wave but given the reviews you mentioned I would be hesitant. Even though you are buying a used car you still don't want to many problems especially in the short term.

    Since you only need it for about 4 years I would say it is a good buy just have a mechanic look over it for a second opinion. Also run it buy you BF and your mom even though they didn't listen to you last time. Still consider their opinion.

  3. I suspect that something happened to void the warranty. But I do not think it was an assent. I did look it over. There are lots of reasons that a warranty can be voided. But I have to get a Used vehicle report form her that will tell me what happened. Hopefully its nothing to bad.