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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monthly Goals Update

I am sorry I haven't blogged in a while I have been really busy. I have been working 2 jobs, my full time job and my second job which is on contract gig. On top of that I was studying for my A&S pre- test which I wrote today. I am so very happy to report that I passed it with flying colours!!! Now its on to the provincial test. My manager today tried to get me to commit to a specific date for it and I told her no. So I have to talk to her about that tomorrow morning.

I am suppose to be going on a camping trip this weekend. As much as I want to go there is so much crap to do at home that it would be a great time to do it. Any ways we will see how it goes.

I don't have anything else to talk about, the last couple of days have flown by and I have done nothing interesting.

How your week has been going well!

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  1. Congrats on passing the test. Good to know you are holding up well.

    My week has been a bit interesting and should be even more come next week. I'll blog about it as the details come in.

    Enjoy your weekend no matter what you do.