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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am Melting....

I was trying to write this post in my head while I was doing stuff for job #2.  And to be honest I wasn't come out right. I am upset with myself the car slipped though my fingers. It turned out it was a great car in great shape and I complicated it.  I haven't found anything else yet. And time is running out, its getting desperate. I mentioned a while back that I pulled my credit score finally. Well its not so hot, its in the low 600's. I can't say I expected it to be any place else. I just wish it wasn't that low. I also know with out a doubt that even if I could afford to finance a car of any sort, I wouldn't get the financing. I have spent the last 24h being upset with myself and my situation. But its time to pick myself up and get on with life. I am brain storming other car types. I am trying to brain storm other car models that might be in my budget.  Basically I would like a car that's a hatch back because I play hockey and is good on gas. If you come up with any ideas let me know.

We are under extreme heat warnings, and when it gets hot I don't eat.  I just don't feel like eating. I am sure that the lack of food hasn't really helped my mood either.

I paid my Christmas fund back.

$35.39 snowflaked +375.93 = $411.32 current value of snowflake jar

I hope everyone is staying cool!

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  1. Now catching up. I saw you got the car in a more recent post so I will comment there.