General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Friday, August 19, 2011

Catching up

This past Wednesday I checked my account first thing in the morning and realized that I had not been paid.   My stomach fell. It was not until later in the afternoon that I got a forwarded email saying that pay would be a day late. I had expected that was what happened but not my reaction to finding out.  My stomach dropped and I realized I had become to reliant on the little injection of cash in my account. For the most part it has been dumped into my LoC and last month when I shifted a payment from LoC into my car car fund.  My second job still made it possible for me to reduce my LoC by another grand. The job has now come to an end and this was my last payment. I can't say I am sorry to be done with it. The job I was doing required a me going to the first level of 'government santioned' harassment.  I have discovered that 'vountarty' does not always mean 'by one's own decision'. However I will miss the pay.

I wasn't sure what to do with the last $222.98 that I got. I had 3 options 1) put all of it in to my LoC 2) but 170.98 into my LoC, $50 into my Visa 3) but 100 into LoC, 50 into gas and 50 into my visa. I asked my BF what he would do he said he would pick option 3. I didn't tell him it was my money only that if you had $200 what would you do with it. He guessed that it was me however. I neither confirm or denied and he never pressed further. I am thankful that he didn't, he was never happy with the idea of me having a second job and now that it was over the idea of blowing everything up only to have an argument seamed pointless.  In the end I decided to put $140 into my LoC, $55 into my visa card and the rest for gas and other things. I have over spend this week and I still have 6 days until pay day.

I booked and paid for a French beginners course today. Its though the TDSB and will take place over 11 weeks every Monday.  It cost $150 which was put on visa and not budged for. I feel like I have lost control over using my card. I know this sounds stupid but its like once once thing that I can't pay off in full has been put on it, its like what's the point I am already going to accumulate interest. I was doing so well.

How here is the other question that I have been playing with.  I got a HST cheque in the mail for $66.25. And at first I thought I would put it into my LoC which is what I try to make a habit of doing when I get 'free' money. But than I could also put it on my visa to help bring it down a bit. Or I could put it into my Christmas fund which would being it to $20 short of being done by the end of the month.

What do you think option 1) put $66.25 to LoC 2) put towards visa card 3) put towards Christmas fund.


  1. Definitely put it on your Visa - this likely has the highest rate of interest. Best not to carry a balance on your Visa if you can help it.

  2. Why not just pick one thing to work on at a time? Not judging, it just seems you over-complicate things and cause yourself stress about it. Personally I would just fully fund my Christmas budget, then pay off the Visa, then etc, etc... Stop carrying your Visa card and stop using it. I know easier said then done but you don't want to get yourself in trouble.

  3. I'd knock out the xmas fund first but I have a feeling you might have done that without the advice anyways. Reason being that even though you had 3 options for the extra $200 you made you still went and chose option 4 which is what I would have done as well.

    About your visa card. First off don't be so hard on yourself as that will only make it worst. From what I can tell you haven't been putting frivolous stuff on it and you make an effort to pay extra towards it. When it is carrying a balance though I suggest you slow down the lock and knock off the cc balance first. If you want to stop using it all together just do like Little Lamb said and leave it home.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing a great job as is :)

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  5. I agree with Little Lamb, maybe you should try one task or goal at a time? I think it would seem to go by faster and be easier.