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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-cap August 22-28 and Catchup

I just realized that I haven't blogged in 3 days.  It's been a crazy few days. On Friday night I lined up at 11pm to get tickets for Jack Layton's funeral. At 8:30 am on Saturday we got our wristbands and then advised to come back at 11:30m to get the actual tickets. The wrist band guaranteed 1 of 600 spots. I went to the funeral, it was very well done. By the time I got home my BF who came with me and I had been up for 36h straight. Then today I went to Fanexpo which was a lot of walking. My legs are killing me. I am super tired and I am actually having issues writing this blog. Any ways its because of all this that you haven't heard from me.

***next day**
Sorry I was to tired to write so I went to bed. My spending is out of whack again. I put something on my credit card. But I am not worried about it because its less then $100 and its the only thing on it. I was able to go to Fanexpo and not even spend the 10$ that I took. Its interesting how when you are trying to dig yourself out of debt your priorities change. Also I have no desire to acquire more stuff.  I paid the storage unit on Sat. for the last time. I don't expect that I will see any of the money back but knowing that I won't have to budget for it in September is a nice feeling. I have come to the realization that only giving myself 60$ for two weeks is not enough. So I am going to go back to $75 I never realized how much of a difference 15$ makes.

Any ways on to my spending recap.

August 22 (Friday)
$214.41 Insurance
$3.19 shoppers drug mart

August 23 (Thursday)
No Spend Day

 August 24 ( Wednesday)
No Spend Day

August 25 (Thursday)
No Spend Day

August 26 (Friday)
$68.00 - Walmart ~on visa

August 27 (Saturday)
10 on all day TTC pass
10.64 at Mcdonald's

August 28 (Sunday)
$8 at fanexpo on food and transportation

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  1. It's amazing how similar our spending is especially since us both getting cars. One week it is in control and the other it is out.

    You are doing great still but I think you can see that for yourself in the little changes you are making