General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pay Day

I got paid today... and so did my funds, debt and bills.

 I paid my visa off completely all $465.81 of it. Made up from the $200 I put in from my second job and the $265.81 I paid today from my left over time and such. I am now consumer debt free again. It was a bit touch and go while I was figuring it out but it all worked out in the end. After I paid the rest of my visa I had $1.50 which was snowflaked into my Christmas fund. I didn't get it to $800 as I had hoped but its close. Also I paid my phone bill. I budgeted $100 and it was $74.24, so I snowflaked the $25.76 into my LoC. In my budget notes was reminder to pay off the cost of gas I put on my visa from my gas fund. But since I paid the visa I snowflaked that money into my LoC, $23.82. I also found 10 cents in my bag and one cent on the floor at the bank so I snow flaked that into my LoC$ 0.11.

As for bills, I have paid my visa, cell, LoC, car insurance and OSAP. The only thing left out standing is the storage until and I have to call on that tomorrow.

Total snowflakes for this pay 1.50 + 25.76+ 23.82+ 0.11 = $51.19+441.94 = $493.13 (total in snowflake jar)

I have updated my side bars.

I was feeling so rich, now I feel poor again... oh well such is life. 


  1. You're doing so good. I'm extremely jealous.

  2. *Little Lamb smiles and gives Sarah pat on the back!

    You are doing awesome, my dear! You may feel poor now (I know what you mean!) but you are setting yourself up to be rich. And rich in more ways than just financially! Very proud of you!

  3. Into my LoC. I love it. Even the 11 cents you found. Into your LoC. If you go at it like that it will be gone in no time.

  4. You shouldn't feel poor honey...I remember it wasn't that long ago your LOC just broke through $30,000, now look at it. And extra money? Is that for a specific purpose or long-term savings? You are doing great!