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Saturday, August 6, 2011

July Line of Credit Update

June's LoC outstanding balance is $-27, 856.58

July 14~  $91.63 (GST/HST cheque)
July 14~ $181.81 (second job)
July 18~ $116.29 (pay 1 from full time job)
July 19~ $15.00 (snowflake)
July 21~ $150.00 (Second job)
July 28~ $200.00 (second job)
July 30~$525.00 (pay 2 form full time job)

Total paid $1279.73
Amount  paid after interest added $1279.73-105.35= $1,174.38
Daily interest for the month of July $3.398
Total monthly interest: $105. 35

Current outstanding balance on LoC $26,682.20
Current $15,000 extra fund stands at $5200.00. So $5200.00+$1174.38= $6374.38

Will have to up date my side bar now.

had a lovely chat with a guy from TD, I do enjoy calling in each month and chatting with them and I will be sorry when the time comes to change that... but not sorry to PUNCH THIS DEBT IN THE FACE!!!

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  1. Your debt is coming down really good :)

    May it continue to do so as you put in the work.