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Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-Cap August 1-7

August 1 (Monday)
Shopper Drug mart $9.59 (meds because I got stung by a wasp while watering the flowers)

August 2 (Tuesday)
No Spend Day

August 3 (Wednesday)
$428.90  Insurance first and last month (planned spending taken from car fund account)

August 4 (Thursday)
No Spend Day

August 5 (Friday)
No Spend day

August 6 (Saturday)
No Spend Day

August 7 (Sunday)
Taco Bell $5.65 **

**I avoided doing this post because of the Taco Bell entry. A friend came over and I did NOT WANT TO EAT OUT!! But he pushed and I caved, I am still mad at this! I picked Taco Bell because I knew it was the cheapest place for a decent amount of food. But it was not a thrill to eat and I still cooked dinner once I got home because I needed to have stuff to eat for lunch today. I fell like it was the biggest waste of money. He does not understand my drive to get out of debt nor my reluctance to spend any money. He makes less then me but gosh does he live a larger life.

On our way to TB we have a conversation about B-day gifts. First I don't celebrate my birthday or would rather it not get celebrated. I am also not fond of gifts unless they are practical in some way shape or form, or something I really really want. I asked him not to get me anything, he said no to this. So I asked him to donate money to charity of my choice, he said no to this. So I asked him to get me a gift card, he was uncommitted. Then I told him flat out that I did not want any objects. I am trying to reduce the crap in my life and frankly I suck, SUCK at dusting!! He said no! ARGGG! Its funny really he has had a crush on me for a long time and I have in the past told him flat out that I would never date him. I have not told him every reason I would never date him, just that I don't see him that way, which is true. But let me tell you, one of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't listen when given specific instructions. Last year he wanted to get me a china doll, I told him I would return it. Thank God he had some sense to head my advice. I know that some people would say I am being ungrateful but there is a practical aspect to what I said. I have CATS that knock everything off, no place is safe! I was not willing to spend my days worrying about if this thing got nocked over and like I said I HATE dusting!

It bothers me tremendously when I tell people that there is nothing I need and thus want. Then when they give me something, can't understand why I don't use it and get offended that they spend all this money on something that is collecting dust. People always ask for lists and I just can't produce any. I just don't need anything and until I do I would rather people saved there money then spend it on objects.

** Sorry that was a bit more of a rant than it was meant to be...

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  1. Your spending is quite awesome I must say. On the toco bell outing I don't think you should dig it too much. I understand where you are coming from not wanting to spend money cause it happens to me but I just pass it off as a weekend with a friend. It doesn't happen often and upsetting myself over it just makes it worst.

    I can also understand wanting practical gifts if you have to get anything. Problem with your friend is that he has a crush on you so trying to stop him is pointless. Just let him do what he wants or ask to go to a movie or a theme park.