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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-cap August 15-21

August 15 (Monday)
$21.70 Old mill Pontiac to get paint for my car- on visa
$36.16 Wal-mart photo shop-on visa
$11.27 wal-mart plastic gas tank
$2.34 Tim's

August 16 (Tuesday)
$49.56 Gas in PTBO
$6.44 Railside  Restaurant

August 17 (Wednesday)
$7.32 Thai express
$2.63 David's Tea

August 18 (Thursday)
$23.82 Gas in PTBO to fill up extra tank because it is so much cheeper
$12.03 gas in PTBO

August 19 (Friday)
$149.00 TDSB French classes- on visa
$7.90 Cosco for chips for going a friend's moving party

August 20 (Saturday)
No Spend Day

August 21 (Sunday)
$3.19 shoppers for hamburger buns

All the eating out is because I was in PTBO for a few days to see my BF and I fell a little off the wagon.

Well this was an expensive week. But I knew it would be a little bit just not this much. The gas I put in visa will be paid off from next pay's gas money. And I have already paid for the paint from my car fund. As it stand's my visa will everything I put on it this week and for the cost of bailing my mom out with the storage unit and the Goupon I was stupid enough the let her put on my visa, my balance is drum role: $465.81. Which is not as bad as I thought it was, but not at the Zero I would rather see at the end of my statement.

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  1. Was expensive but not so bad if you were spending time with the bf. I've spent a lot of gas myself.