General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Monthly Goals Update and New Goals

Well I really have dropped the ball on this one and haven’t done my goals update. 
July goals: 

1)pass pre qualifier for A&S PASS
 2) get Rez project for Duke of Ed filled out PASS          
-write letter for prof to rejig PASS
-mail book to prof to fill out(signed in person) PASS

 3)Get vol section for Duke of Ed signed KIND OF DONE         
 -fill out vol section PARTLY COMPLETE          
 -hand to TM to fill out PASS 
4)buy car PASS     
 -find car PASS         
 -buy car PASS          
-sort out insurance PASS
 4) Order credit score  PASS 
5) get ride of out standing credit card debt ($65) PASS 

Well all in all not a bad month for getting stuff done. 

August goals:
1) Empty storage unit 

2) Find a home for my piano

 3) Submit Duke of ED
 -finish vol section and get it signed 
- get physical section signed 
-do write up of expadtion trip 
-do write up of rez. Project and print out pictures

4) copy Funeral CD and give it to Charles 


  1. Funeral CD?? You got my attention with that one. What's that all about? ;)

  2. My God Mother died a few years back and we got a recording of the funeral. A dear friend of hers asked for a copy of it but to be honest I haven't been able to bring myself to deal with it. But its been officially two years now, time to face the music I think.

  3. Not a bad month at all. Hope you have an equally good month.